Any films that pertains to or signifies "Oscar" in the past or near future is completely relevant. Winners, nominees, and even snubs will be showcased.

Film List:

All About Eve
American Beauty
Blue Velvet
Boogie Nights
Boys Don't Cry
Burn After Reading
The Cove
A Dangerous Method
Dial M For Murder
Gangs of New York
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
Gone With the Wind
The Grifters
Half Nelson
Heavenly Creatures
The Iron Lady
Leon: The Professional
Match Point
Midnight in Paris
The Motorcycle Diaries
Moulin Rouge!
My Week With Marilyn
Pillow Talk
Rebel Without a Cause
Requiem For a Dream
Roman Holiday
The Royal Tenenbaums
The Skin I Live In
Some Like It Hot
Taxi Driver
True Grit
Up In the Air
We Need To Talk About Kevin
Wendy and Lucy
21 Grams

Academy Awards:

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Oscars 2010
Oscars 2009
Oscars 2007
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Oscars 2005
Oscars 2004
Oscars 2003
Oscars 2002
Oscars 2001
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Oscars Snubs

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